So much to say…

Not sure where to start.

Welcome to my Blog: CrazyBusy CrazyBeautiful. Working almost 80 hours each week leaves you with very little time to actually enjoy life. I often sit back and think what I would do IF I had more free time. But, I quickly realize that I don’t have more free time and if I want to enjoy this life, I need to do it NOW.  I decided to start a blog as a means to express myself more creatively than I get to do at work. Most patients don’t want their doctor to quote poetry. It’s a “fit the mold” type of job. When I get home from work, I try to fill my time with as much, of the things I enjoy, as I can. To be completely honest, I do a lot of studying/reading too. This blog will include the things I enjoy (hair, fashion, stress- relief, fitness) and the beautiful things I witness along the way. Enjoy! The picture above was taken on one of my vacations. I LOVE vacays and try to remember that hard work pays off eventually.

Here are a few of my quick tips for all my busy people out there on how to enjoy this CrazyBusy CrazyBeautiful life (Don’t worry, there will be more when I figure out how to blog LOL.):

1. Find things you enjoy. When time is limited, it is important to have and keep a LIST of (FUN) things you can do in a time crunch. (Ex. Pedicure/Manicure, exercise, clean your house, go shopping, spend time with friends, read a book, etc.). Keep the list handy, you never know when you’ll have an hour to spare.

2. Get Organized. Limited time means you have to make each moment count. Why waste time looking for those shoes when you can put them in the same place every time and know exactly where to find them? I’m not saying it’s easy. I’m not even saying I have it down pat. I just have lived long enough to know that my mom was right, “Everything has a place.” The more organized you are, the more time you’ll have to do the things you love.

3. Decide what’s important for your sanity, and then, don’t give it up. Have you ever noticed that when people are stressed they immediately give up the “frivolous” things? This usually includes the EXACT same things that the person really looks forward to. I’m not giving you permission to put all your energy into things that don’t matter. I’m simply stating that some things must remain in your life. If a good hard workout makes your day tolerable, then I don’t care how busy you get, don’t give it up! If a long bath, spa treatment, bball game with your boys, or writing a few pages in your journal can make your day a little brighter, wouldn’t it be beneficial to make time in your schedule for those things?

4. Don’t be afraid to “go it alone”. You may not always have access to an entourage but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your life. If going hiking is on your list of things to do, pack your bag, put on your good exercise shoes and GET OUT THERE. Life is for the living. You may meet people along the way who enjoy what you enjoy. Even if you don’t, you are the one person you can’t get away from… so you may as well enjoy the company! 🙂

Gotta Run,



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