This CAN’T be life…

I’m guessing you’ve all heard that phrase? “This can’t be life!” It’s usually said when something crazy, outlandish, unexpected or down right ridiculous happens. ¬†You call up your closest friend and say, “you’ll NEVER believe what so-and-so said/did, THIS CAN’T BE LIFE!” But here is the thing… This IS life. Whatever THIS is. Good, bad, … Continue reading

Photo a day…

Hmm this might be hard. I take thousands of pictures each week though so I’m sure I can find something to post… Just wonder how hard it will be to find something BEAUTIFUL! But you know what I say, I find Beauty in unexpected places… even when it isn’t inherently beautiful. Snow:  Oh and all … Continue reading

Back from the Bahamas

Originally posted on The Midnight Beauty:
The wind was blowing, the sun was beaming and me? I was on Cloud Nine! More to come.

Living in the Margins

I’m finally writing again. It’s been on my mind for a while and yet I had not made time for it. But, I’ve made plenty of time to worry about it, think of things I should be writing/want to write, and live with lots of “should haves, would haves, could haves”… but didn’t. So, I … Continue reading

So much to say…

Not sure where to start. Welcome to my Blog: CrazyBusy CrazyBeautiful. Working almost 80 hours each week leaves you with very little time to actually enjoy life. I often sit back and think what I would do IF I had more free time. But, I quickly realize that I don’t have more free time and … Continue reading

So, Gotta start somewhere…

Hello world!

Welcome to After you read this, you should delete and write your own post, with a new title above. Or hit Add New on the left (of the admin dashboard) to start a fresh post. Here are some suggestions for your first post. You can find new ideas for what to blog about by … Continue reading